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About Us

STEEL restaurant is owned and managed personally by King Sy. He is a businessman and a restaurateur who already proven himself in the field. He has a chain of restaurant in many Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and more. He continues to put up more and explore other opportunities across the globe.

About  Us - Steel Restaurant

STEEL is Sy’s first restaurant in the United States. This is so far his baby and his favorite among the rest. But this doesn’t mean that this will be his last. As early as now, he is already looking forward to other opportunities. Also, he is beginning to consider putting up branches of the said restaurant due to the demand. Right now, he still hasn’t decided on the place where he can venture next but his goals in opening the new branch are set as early as the second quarter of 2019.

King Sy was born in Korea, but he grew up in China where his parents were working. Even as a young boy he was already fascinated by many different types of cuisine. In fact, he even initiates going around the city just for the chance of discovering something new. Whenever they travel, he makes a research on restaurants that serve the best dishes and recommend them to his parents for them to visit. His parents supported him through and through and even helped him fund his very first restaurant.

Sy’s fondness for different types of dishes leads him to even take up culinary arts when he was in college. Then he took up business management courses to learn more about running a business. Now, not only does he manage his own restaurants but sometimes he acts as the head cook as well. Sy was a multi-awarded chef back in Korea. You can find him behind the bar in STEEL in case you frequent the area.