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Indochine Cuisine Within Your Reach

STEEL restaurant | Seafood menu

There is nothing better than a good restaurant to relax you at the end of the day. Whether or not it features alcoholic drinks, the food alone is guaranteed to bring to you a certain level of relief and happiness especially if you are feeling a bit stressed during the day. Food can bring comfort like no other. This is why there are people who rely heavily on this whenever they feel the need to distress.

If you are feeling stressed and is looking for a new place to try, then you will feel encouraged to drive out of your garage door in Phoenix today because of the newly opened STEEL restaurant. This restaurant just opened its door just opened its doors to the people in Phoenix not even 2 months ago. But even if we are only operating in such a short time, we already managed to build the trust of our customers. Night after night, there is a need for people to reserve a table from us just so they can have a taste of our authentic Indochine cuisine. Those who are not able to be accommodated in our restaurant just order a to-go food they can bring back to their homes. They cannot resist the rich flavor of the food we sell here. Try it to believe it. We guarantee that you’d keep coming back for more.

Indochine Cuisine | Steel Restaurant

Upon entering our restaurant, you’d immediately be welcomed by the delicious smell of our food. This is the testament of the type of mouthwatering dishes we offer here. What more is that our staff would immediately assist you to be seated if there are already available seats here or will give you refreshments at our waiting room until a table is available for you. While waiting, you can already pre-order from our waitstaff so you can already have your steaming hot food when you are already seated. You can eliminate the long wait and just eat to your heart’s desire. You won’t feel any boredom when you are in our restaurant because there is always a live entertainment you can look forward too. The soft jazz would relax you after a stressful day.

Our menu includes different types of meat and fish dishes. We also have different types of seafood here including dishes that are with shrimps, crabs and other shellfishes. All of these are cooked in an Asian flavor that you would enjoy. Want some Thai curry? How about Vietnamese noodles? Our food can bring you in many Asian countries in no time. All you need is to sit back, relax, and have fun.

Seafood | STEEL restaurant

Coming to the restaurant, you may wear any of your business casual attire. We are not a black tie restaurant but we come close with the classy ambiance and decoration you will witness upon coming here. All of our decorations are meticulously chosen by the best designer we even hired from Korea. So you can only expect the best.

Try it out to believe it. We are open from 11 AM to 1 AM daily to serve you.