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Testimonials | STEEL restaurant


I love the tofu they sell here. They are to die for. You should also try their different varieties of noodles which are really yummy. The flavors will explode in your mouth. I find the spices they use weird tasting but still, they are very delicious.


This is the first time I was able to try the fresh spring rolls and honestly, they are very delicious. Me and my friends managed to order several plates of it and even ordered more to go. When we brought it home, my sisters were very satisfied with how it tasted that they immediately wanted to explore the place the next day. Now, this restaurant has already been the family’s favorite hang out place. Whenever we think of having lunch or dinners together, this is the first thing that would come into our mind. You’d not easily get used to it because there is simply a huge variety of dishes available. What more is that the waitstaff they have is really very hospitable and has all smiles whenever they serve us. This restaurant may be new but its incredibility will pull you close.


If you are looking for a good place to eat and relax, STEEL is the best place to go. The food here is amazing and the ambiance is really something. It is hard not to fall in love with the place. This is a good place to bring your loved ones for a romantic night. This is also good for meetings and formal business affairs. They have a meeting room for this purpose, all you need is to ask.


5-star rating for this restaurant. Very clean and the staff is very friendly. You’d love to come here again and again. Do try their dumplings and their spring rolls. They are very delicious. Never tasted anything like their spices before.